Getting to Know Us

Who is DiYA USA?
We are an international commercial printing company with over ten years of experience in overseas printing and the domestic printing market. Our printing plants in Shanghai, China allow us to create any and all types of printed material our customers require, such as brochure printing and calendar printing.

Why print overseas when I can do it domestically?
Save money! Because all our printing is done overseas, DiYA USA customers enjoy a huge savings in labor and material cost. On average, our customers watch their printing costs cut in HALF when they print internationally. If you would like to see how much money you or your company can save by switching to DiYA USA, request a quote today!

Will the printing and paper quality be up to domestic standards?
Yes. DiYA USA is equipped with the latest models of Heidelberg and Komori and we carry all stocks of paper available domestically. Along with our rigorous quality control and attention to detail, you can be sure you'll get printing that's as good as, if not better than what you're getting from a  domestic commercial printing company.

Can you show me proof?
You can request references along with printed samples of our work just by contacting us today!

The Technical FAQs

How long will the job take from start to finish?
Upon your approval of the press proofs, printing, binding, hands-on labor, and packaging can all be done within 1 week or less (depending on size and complexity of the job). Shipping by sea will take about 30 days to reach the West Coast US while a rush delivery by air will take about 3 days. Delivery to other parts of America will take longer. (Please contact us for more details)

What can I do to assure quality without a press check?
We provide all our customers with the actual press proofs of their final product. The press proof will be on the actual paper you requested. We will make any corrections according to your instructions until you are 100% satisfied. No final printing will take place until after you approve it.

What format do you accept artwork?
We can accept artwork in almost any form. Most of our customers provide us with CDs or DVDs with high quality scans of their artwork ready to output to film. The most common software applications we deal with, but are not restricted to, include Illustrator, Pagemaker, Photoshop, and Quark Express. You can also supply artwork in Zip Disk or floppy disk form. We've also worked with clients who've given us a copy of the original work with detailed instructions. If you have questions about format just contact us.

Is there a minimum order?
Simple answer is no. While most of our customers print quantities over 5,000, we can work with any sized job. Typically jobs requiring large amounts of hands-on labor saves the most with overseas printing due to cheap labor costs; regardless of quantity. Thus we have no minimum quantity requirement.

How do I get started?
Ready to print internationally? Great! First request a quote by filling out our Get Quote page or contact us directly by phone at (650) 888-0302. You can also fax in your quote request at (650) 570-6200. See all out contact information here.
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